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Graphic novelist. Cartoonist. Presenter.

Meet the “Fudz”

Based in Broome, Western Australia, Indigenous artist Brenton E. McKenna is an award-winning writer and illustrator of comic books. He also designs and creates artwork for all sorts of things.

Nicknamed ‘Fudz’, Brenton is best known as the creator of Ubby’s Underdogs, an Indigenous graphic novel trilogy based in the multi-cultural world of post-war Broome.

He has come a long way. From struggling with literacy at school to becoming a published author and illustrator, and a sought-after presenter at schools and writer’s festivals, his own story is remarkable.

Brenton has achieved his dreams with great persistence, blazing the way for aspiring young cartoonists. The graphic novel industry is alive and well in Australia, and the future looks bright.

If you have a dream:

“Go out and do it. Don’t stop. Rest when you need to, but don’t ever let it subside.”
Brenton E. McKenna

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